Graphic Design and Logo Design

Brand Strategy and Identity Design:

We perform brand research to ensure that your brand is competitive. We assist you in identifying your goals, mission, audience, and what sets you apart from your competitors. We help with brand naming, brand positioning and messaging. We provide your business with a brand identity that gives you a strong first impression to clients. Our branding consists of

identifying color themes, fonttypes, and primary and secondary logo designs. Services include logo design, business card and stationary design, marketing collateral packages, and brand style guides. Along with the brand style guides, we provide final assets in multiple file types to ensure that you are successful with your future branding.


The Services

Logo Design

Stand alone webpage, no navigations included, used to convert visitors into leads

Book Design

The addition of a site to store to the existing site or the creaation of a website that is primarily a storefront.

Business Card Stationary Design

Multi page informational websites. This includes custom theme designs and basic sites built with HTML/CSS

Presentation Design

Hosting for your website is provided through Tiffanie Page Creative. More information is found HERE

Flyer Design

Correcting or updating existing websites. Charges are hourly. Packages Available.


Brochure Design

Ongoing Maintenance and minor updates post go live. More information canbe found HERE

The Process

A good logo not only represents your business, it also reflects your values. It is what people will recognize you by and symbolize why they trust you. A logo makes you stand out from your peers and competitors and identifies key information about your brand. The logo design process is all about creating the perfect visual brand mark for your company.. Our design process ensures that we create a logo that authentically reflects you and your company, and is appropriate for your target audience.

Information Gathering and Research

As a first step, each client is asked to complete a branding questionnaire. These questionnaires are to help define your brand, mission and goals. Once completed, I will conduct a complete analysis of the information provided and begin the design process.


The design process begins with identifying brand colors. Next, three to four logo options will be provided. Feedback is then collected from the client and further adjustments will be made based off that feedback. During this phase, a main and secondary logo will be created, Typography will then be identified, and brand elements will be selected.

Brand Identity

Once the main and secondary logos are completed with color, a complete brand style guide will be created based off of your needs. This document will give information for future branding, instructions for use in branding and will provide visual mock ups.


During this phase, all files will be delivered. You will receive all logo files, a complete brand identity guideline, and any additional items discussed.

Graphic Design Portfolio

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