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Website Design Services:

We design unique, creative and responsive websites that are customized to meet client needs and to assist them in reaching their goals. We work with each Client throughout the process of planning, building the elements of your website, use of brand colors, fonts and graphics. We also use components such as graphic design,  search engine optimization (SEO),


content creation, and user experience design to create a website that is visually appealing,  easy to use, works seamlessly on various devices, and does not overload the senses with useless content. Websites are built primarily using WordPress. Sites can be built using Squarespace and WIX based on client needs. HTML and CSS coding is used for customization. Website pricing starts at $1690.

The Services

Content Creation

Creation of website content.

E Commerce Web Services

The addition of a site to store to the existing site or the creaation of a website that is primarily a storefront.

Full Custom Websites

Multi page informational websites. This includes custom theme designs and basic sites built with HTML/CSS

Website Hosting

Hosting for your website is provided through Tiffanie Page Creative. More information is found HERE

Website Revamps

Correcting or updating existing websites. Charges are hourly. Packages Available.


Website Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance and minor updates post go live. More information canbe found HERE

The Process

First impressions always matter. If you don’t have a strong web presence, you’re holding your brand back. If prospective customers or clients who search the web find something subpar, it can damage your brand’s reputation and turn prospective customers away. They’ll get the impression that you don’t care much about your company or product and may question your legitimacy. Make every relationship that begins on your website a great one by getting your web design right. To ensure your web design meets your needs,  we implement an interactive process including the following elements:

Information Gathering and Research

As a first step, each client is asked to complete a branding questionnaire. These questionnaires are to help define your brand, mission and goals. Once completed, I will conduct a complete analysis of the information provided. This involves meeting with the client to discuss goals and objectives of the site and conducting a competitive analysis to ensure that your website meets your market needs. During this phase we develop a plan for what is needed and deliverables for the website.


The design process begins by taking the information gathered and designing a website that meets the goals and needs of the client. The design takes into account the information that will be included along with recommendations from me the designer, and feedback from you, the Client..

Testing and Review

After completion of the design process, the website is presented to the client for testing and review. During this phase, functionality is tested, content is reviewed, and corrections/updates are made.



Once testing and review has met client expectations, the site is pushed live.. The client has 14 days (2 weeks) to further review the site and request additional minor changes. Website Maintenance is available for future maintenance of the website 

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